Chronic PainFibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, a Silent Thief

Fibromyalgia, a silent thief,

Stealing peace and causing grief,

It grips you tight, consumes your soul,

And takes away the life you know.

Invisible to the naked eye,

Yet, it makes the strongest person sigh,

Chronic pain and fatigue the norm,

As life becomes a constant storm.

The aches that linger, day and night,

Making even the simplest tasks take flight,

Brain fog clouds the mind with haze,

Leaving us feeling in a daze.

But despite this pain, we rise each day,

With a smile, determined to make our way,

For we are warriors, strong and true,

Fighting through fibromyalgia, with me and you.

So here’s to us, the fibro fighters,

Holding tight to our hopes and dreams,

For though it may bring us down at times,

Our spirit and resilience always gleams.

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